Our mission is to automate and modernize
the delivery of legal services

About the Company

We created Legalinc to transform the way legal services are delivered. By eliminating ink, paper and stamps, our platform is already proving that practice automation is here to stay.

Created by legal industry veterans and client experience experts, Legalinc provides backend registered agent, compliance, and entity formation services for many of the nation’s top legal service providers. We are the only software platform you can use to power your firm, brand, or in-house legal department to service clients in all 50 states.

We believe technology can play an empowering role in the delivery of legal services. This is the promise of practice automation: to automate everything that can be so that you can focus on growing your business.

“Our leadership is focused on continuously improving and updating our platform and services so that we stay on top of the most innovative solutions to help your business in providing superior customer experience.”

– Erik Treutlein, Legalinc CEO and Founder

Erik Treutlein

A former member of the US Air Force and natural problem solver, Erik likes tackling hard problems. As the GM of Attorneys Service Corporation, Erik saw that waste is a big part of the practice of law, so he decided to do something about it. Since business formations and compliance are ripe for automation, Erik built Legalinc from the ground up with one mission: to automate mission critical legal services through secure, scalable software.

Ben Johnson

As Legalinc’s Director of Customer Relations, Debbie is responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly. Fueled by a unique blend of creativity and resilience, Debbie ensures that every product Legalinc launches performs to a standard most startups aspire but never quite reach. A firm believer in working hard and helping others, Debbie enjoys spending time with her husband and three boys, but also loves serving others through local non-profit’s.

Debbie Cordischi

An expert in open source solutions and scaling technology services, Ben is committed to building scalable, elegant products. As our CTO, he is responsible for building the flexible, robust architecture that powers all of Legalinc’s products and services. When he’s not building world class technology products, Ben can be found spending time with his beautiful family.

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