About Legalinc

Legalinc is a team of professionals focused on the three P’s: People, Process, Performance. Whether interfacing with a customer or developing new solutions, our people are driven to serve with a purpose. We care deeply about streamlining processes for both our team and our customers. We let our work speak for itself. We’re a humble team of problem solvers who consider success a customer whose expectations have been exceeded by the performance of our solutions.

About Us

Legalinc was founded by legal industry veterans and client experience experts to transform the way that legal practices and businesses handle the most outdated & inefficient processes. We believe that what can be effectively automated should be so that legal teams have the time & manpower to focus on growth and delivering the best customer experience possible. We’re motivated to create a smarter legal marketplace.

About Legalinc

What We Do

We are proud to offer the only software platform that can be used to power a firm or an in-house legal department to serve clients in all 50 states. By eliminating physical mail and excess manual data entry from the entity management process, we are maximizing productivity while minimizing waste.

Who We Are

From the top down, our entire team is focused on continuously improving & updating our platform and services so that we stay on top of the most innovative solutions to help your business in providing a superior customer experience.

Legalinc Leadership

Meet Our Leadership

Erik Treutlein, CEO
Ben Johnson, CTO
Debbie Cordischi, VP of Sales
Wesley Dolan, Customer Success Account Manager Lead
Stephen Stewart, Director of Operations
Michael Sprouse, Director of Finance
Cassy Rubis | Cassy MacDonald
Cassy MacDonald, Marketing Manager

Our Values

Customer Success First

Everything we do is centered on helping our customers become more successful and developing deep, long-lasting relationships.

Own It

Think and act like founders. We take ownership and accountability in everything we touch. We believe in being empowered to make decisions without hierarchy, micro-management, or long approval loops.

Do the Right Thing

We believe in always doing the right thing and having integrity, even when nobody is looking. We are open, transparent, and honest both internally and externally.

Continuous Improvement

We are big on learning. We live a learning mindset and believe everything is a learning opportunity and strive to be better every day. We are constantly thinking of ways to improve, solve problems, or learn.

Attitude is Everything

Stay positive, have compassion, and be flexible. Keep calm and respect others. We strive to be amazing and for the “wow” factor. We’re passionate about creating a remarkable experience for both our customers and our teammates.

Results Matter

We play to win. Setting targets, keeping score, and measuring results often is important to us. We love to make progress and we feel the only way to make progress is being in it to win it and measure results often.

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