3 Lessons We Learned At NALA

August 15, 2018

On July 11th, 2018, Debbie Cordischi, our VP of Customer Success, and Steve Sowers, our VP of Business Development, traveled to the National Association of Legal Assistants Expo (NALA) in St. Louis to meet with other #legalrockstars.

Here are their top three takeaways from a fantastic conference:

Paralegals have great business sense

Legal assistants travel to NALA’s Expo from across the US to learn about the latest legal technologies. Many enter with plans to compare the benefits of each technology.  When they return to their law firms, legal assistants want hard data to back up their technology recommendations so they can make the best choice for their firm.

Steve and Debbie learned legal assistants demand this kind of measurable result. Legal professionals choose Legalinc because it’s a smart move for their business.

Legal assistants are looking for technology partners

Paralegals are experts at what they do. Any technology that tries to replace them will fall short. Legalinc’s tools are designed to support legal professionals by giving them back more time in their day. Legalinc will learn from this feedback and continue to serve our paralegals as their partner.

Paralegals love Legalinc’s #legalrockstar t-shirts

Paralegals are pragmatic. They appreciate the value and utility of things. The #legalrockstar t-shirts are not only free, but also allow paralegals to recognize each other. They are easy and useful! And of course, the #legalrockstar t-shirts bring visibility to the paralegal profession through the creative definition on the back of the shirt.

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