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What is an Entity Management System?

An entity management system is a centralized database that stores important information and documents pertinent to business filings and regulatory compliance. With an entity management system, you have complete visibility on all the entities you manage. You can quickly view existing orders, companies, subscriptions and important state documents. When you implement an entity management system it becomes the foundation of your compliance needs.

What Types of Information is Stored on an Entity Management System?

Most entity management systems house information like:

Why Do You Need an Entity Management System?

How are you protecting your investment? Who are you relying on? How are you ensuring compliance across state lines? How are you tracking filing deadlines and fees? An enterprise level entity management system is the answer to all these questions. Simply put - an entity management system helps mitigate corporate compliance risks and reduce inefficiencies. But, not all entity management systems are the same. It’s important to pick an entity management system that offers all the features and functionality you need to effectively manage your business’s corporate compliance matters.

What Should You Look for in an Entity Management System?

A solid entity management system will ensure corporate compliance with the Secretary of State. The best entity management systems will create efficiencies within your business through centralization and automated workflows. Here are just a few of the features you should look for when choosing an entity management system:

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