Dashboard Improvements

September 20, 2018

Legalinc’s dashboard has a fresh new look. Here are some of the many improvements you’ll see when you log in.

In July 2018, Legalinc introduced a new and improved dashboard to make ordering for your clients even faster and more intuitive.

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The Dashboard

In addition to a sleek new look, the new dashboard saves you time by allowing you to choose products directly from the main page. When you select a product, you are taken directly to the first step to place your order. Legalinc is all about saving time, so we saved you a click!

Legalinc Services Dashboard

The Buckets

The new dashboard also groups products in a more intuitive way. Some products were moved to different buckets to make the experience better for you.

Compliance is now its own bucket of products that help you keep your clients in good standing. Whether you used Legalinc to form the entity or not, you can purchase these filings for your clients.

Use this bucket to check state requirements off your to-do list in under 60 seconds.

Our NEW IRS Filings bucket is where you can order EINs. It looks empty now but soon you will be able to help your clients file an S-corp election directly from your dashboard.

Legalinc’s design pros have redone the Registered Agent bucket to simplify your access to our Registered Agent services.

Now, if you want a new Registered Agent subscription for a new entity, click “New Entity” and you’ll be taken to the Registered Agent ordering form with “New Entity” already selected.

If you want to change your current agent to Legalinc, click “Change of Agent” and you’ll be taken to the same order form but with “Existing Entity” selected.

You can also order multiple Bulk Change of Agent directly from your dashboard. Selecting that product takes you to an instructional page to help you get started.

Do your clients have existing entities? You can order any of Legalinc’s business filing product, regardless of how the company was formed.

Do your clients need to do a little bookkeeping? You can find what they need in the Corporate Supplies Bucket. You should also note that Minutes and Bylaws, as well as Operating Agreement products, have been added to this bucket.

The Account Snapshot

Resolve any items that need your attention with your dashboard’s new Account Snapshot located to the right of your dashboard. “Compliance Items Due” will take you to the Compliance Center. “Orders” will take you directly to the Orders tab. “Drafts” will take you to the Orders tab with the “View Drafts” option auto-selected.

You can quickly resolve any registered agent renewals directly from your dashboard. Your Account Snapshot will let you know exactly how many are coming up.

The Subscriptions Tab

In preparation to offer more services to you and your firm, the Registered Agent tab has been renamed to the Subscriptions tab. From here, you can view and manage Registered Agent Renewals, view Registered Agent mail, and more!

Want to see it for yourself?

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