How Registered Agent Services Can Help Corporations Effectively Manage Their Service of Process

Tips for choosing a nationwide registered agent service

Handling your service of process in a timely manner helps reduce the risks of default judgments and non-compliance.

From the initial intake of the Service of Process to storing the documents for future reference, your Registered Agent provider plays a critical role in the processing of these documents and ensuring that they are properly routed to the right people. When choosing a Registered Agent provider, it is important to look at how they manage the Service of Process from beginning to end. Here are 4 important things to consider when choosing a Registered Agent provider.

Service of Process Acceptance

A Registered Agent initially engages in managing the service of process through the intake. Your designated registered agent provider acts as your official contact with the state and engages in managing the service of process through the intake. The legal responsibility of a registered agent is service of process acceptance of legal paperwork on your behalf, such as tax notification and compliance-related documents and report deadlines.

Service of Process Handling

After the initial intake of the Service of Process, the Registered Agent provider ensures the documents are uploaded and logged in a secure filing database, routed to the correct person, and proper notifications are made. Since there are several types of Service of Process (lawsuits, garnishments, levies, etc), which may go through different processes depending on the department it impacts, it is important to choose a Registered Agent provider that has a sophisticated Service of Process management system to handle the different processes. The initial handling of these documents plays a vital role in enabling corporations to manage their Service of Process effectively.

Proper handling of Service of Process includes:

Service of Process Delivery

Timely, reliable, and accurate delivery of the service of process helps reduce the risks of a corporation missing served documents. Find a Registered Agent provider that has a sophisticated routing system, flexible and automated delivery workflows, and custom notification options.

Customized Service of Process delivery features include:

Service of Process Storage

Managing Service of Process documents for multiple entities, business, and state registrations can be overwhelming if you don't use a centralized management system. Keeping track of incoming documents, due dates, and matter types can get complicated; errors in managing and responding to service of process properly can have major negative ramifications for a business.

Best-in-class Service of Process Storage & Reporting includes:

Legalinc’s SOP Center Features

Legalinc’s powerful SOP Center for service of process management enables legal teams to handle SOP documents efficiently and properly. Managing your SOPs has never been easier.

Legalinc’s SOP Center Features:

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