Is Your Chosen Registered Agent an Asset or a Risk?

Is your Registered Agent a Risk or an Asset

When choosing a registered agent service, make sure you pick one that minimizes risks and improves internal efficiencies through automated workflows.

As organizations grow, establishing more cost-effective ways to manage day-to-day operations becomes a top priority. Many organizations are leveraging technology to efficiently and effectively manage client paperwork and mitigate risk that inevitably arises from human-error. So, how do you know if your Registered Agent provider is helping you achieve these goals?

Does Your Registered Agent Meet the Basic Requirements?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you do not have a reliable Registered Agent. Unfortunately, many providers of Registered Agent services advertise cost-savings benefits but have clients that reap high-cost damages due to a lack of quality service.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your current Registered Agent provider:

Does Registered Agent Offer Automated Compliance Monitoring?

Secretary of State compliance requirements can be complex and confusing. If you do business in multiple states, staying on top of compliance requirements in every state can be daunting and time consuming.

When you use an automated Registered Agent service provider, you reduce the risk of non-compliance by shifting responsibility from a person to an automated organization, utilizing cutting edge software and hardware to perform basic compliance tasks. A good Registered Agent service will keep your organization in good standing by ensuring your filings are compliant and timely, and by providing real-time, automated alerts on upcoming filing deadlines.

Does Registered Agent Offer an Entity Management System?

Managing multi-state registrations, corporate filings, and legal documents can be overwhelming if you don't use a centralized entity management system.

An entity management system helps mitigate risks and reduces inefficiencies. However, not all entity management systems are the same.

Do They Offer Data Mining Services?

Are you unsure of which companies are currently registered with the state? Do you know if your entities are in good standing? Look for a Registered Agent provider that offers free Secretary of State compliance audits. You should also have them run a report to ensure the state’s records for your Registered Agent are up to date.

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you do not have the right Registered Agent. Not all Registered Agent providers offer the same level of service and quality. To recap, make sure your Registered Agent provider offers the following:

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