Is Your Chosen Registered Agent an Asset or a Risk?

Is your registered agent an asset or a risk?

When you select a registered agent, you need to ensure that they are the right person or service for the job. You need to ensure they meet all the requirements of all the states in which you do business. For businesses using individuals as registered agents this means that you are managing a team of registered agents, located in multiple states, and who may be in a cycle of violations of state requirements.

When you select a registered agent service you create an efficiency within your organization and selecting the right registered agent service will save you money and mitigate the risk of compliance violations by shifting responsibility off of your shoulders and onto the registered agent service.

Registered Agent Availability

  • Available during normal business hours Monday through Friday?
  • Available 52 weeks a year?
  • Have a physical address, not a Post Office box?
  • Located in all the states in which you do business?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you do not have a reliable and compliance registered agent. Individuals often run errands during business hours, take lunch breaks, and go on vacations. With today’s reliance on technology, many people won’t even answer their phone or their door if they are not familiar with the number or the person. You also must remember that service of process is likely going to be served by law enforcement, is your registered agent comfortable with interacting with police officers and Sheriff’s deputies?

There is a myriad of other reasons that a registered agent service is in your best interest. Consider the following:

Why Should You Use a Registered Agent Service?

  • A registered agent service knows the intricacies of every Secretary of State office ensuring your filings are compliant and timely.
  • A registered agent service is available during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.
  • A registered agent service is available 52 weeks a year.
  • A registered agent service has a physical office in every state.
  • A registered agent service will keep your business in good standing in every state in which you do business.
  • A registered agent service guarantees confidentiality regarding the compliance issues and concerns of your business.
  • A registered agent service is a single point of contact for all jurisdictions.

Can you say all of this about any individual acting as your registered agent? The answer is “no.” For this reason you should be using a registered agent service.

Finally, combine all of the advantages of using a registered agent service and add it to your entity management system that has a real-time dashboard and you have total transparency into the compliance activity of all your entities, all in one secure place. With a registered agent service, you add efficiency, mitigate risk, and remain in good standing. A registered agent service is your best choice.

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