When Do I Need a Registered Agent?

When do you need a registered agent?

When you first come up with that great idea and start thinking about how to take it to take it to the next level, you are probably not thinking about the various legal requirements you will need to meet if you decide to formalize your idea as a corporation or LLC. The benefits to doing so are several and worth considering.


Registered agents are not optional. Indeed, when incorporating a business in any state, you are required to maintain a registered agent in the state of incorporation or qualification (i.e. the place of incorporation).


What is a Registered Agent?


Maintaining a registered agent (RA) is necessary for a corporation or LLC. An RA receives important legal and tax documents on behalf of a business, including mail sent by the state, the IRS, and Service of Process—sometimes called Notice of Litigation, which initiates a lawsuit. If a registered agent is not present to receive this mail, it may not get to you.


Registered Agent Services

The use of a company that provides registered agent services is quite commonplace among both small and large businesses. Why retain the services of a third party RA? Keep reading to learn more…


Availability and physical address. Your company’s registered agent must be available at all times during normal business hours and have a physical address in the state of incorporation or qualification. Post office boxes and private rented mailboxes are not allowed.


Address is public. The registered agent’s address is a matter of public record, meaning anyone has access to it. If you work from home and use your home address as the address on file, it is available to anyone able to run a quick Google search.


Continue reading about the numerous perks of retaining a third party to act as your business’s RA here.


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