Starting a Business in California

The steps for starting a business in California are long and complex. Assisting multiple clients through this process—and communicating the status of their filings with each of them—can be challenging.

There are many benefits to your clients if they have access to a unique dashboard to check the compliance status of their company.

Select a Business Name

One of the first steps to starting a business, besides selecting the appropriate business entity, is checking or reserving a corporation, limited liability company, or limited partnership name.

At the moment, this cannot be done online and must be done by mail, by phone after establishing a prepaid account, or in person.

A client who can monitor the status of the name selection process without calling her attorney repeatedly will save that same attorney precious time, which spent on additional clients.

Monitor Annual Filing Deadlines

A business owner needs to file a number of documents with the Secretary of State.

For example, the owner of a corporation will need to file Articles of Incorporation and a Statement of Information annually or every other year.

A client who has access to a dashboard can stay abreast of filing requirements and begin gathering key documents well in advance of the reporting deadlines.

Update Officers, Directors, and additional information

Businesses are dynamic, with some officers and directors changing often in a single year.

The Statement of Information provides the state with updates about the entity’s registered agent, address, and officers & directors.

Having access to information about when files were updated and whether the state has the most recent information puts clients’ minds at ease.

Access Registered Agent Mail

All entities in California must have a registered agent for receiving legal mail and services of process.

This mail is uploaded directly on to your clients’ dashboards, and you can be alerted so you are ready to assist if they need legal help.

Manage Costs

Speaking to an attorney or financial professional for all questions, no matter how small, adds up.

Clients may experience relief when they realize some questions about compliance status can be answered by reviewing the dashboard. This also frees the attorney to work with other clients.

If any of the above seem overly complicated or onerous, let Legalinc do them for you. If you want to get started you can create an account here, or sign up for a quick demo below:

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