Tips for Choosing a Nationwide Registered Agent Provider

A significant portion of our customer base switched to Legalinc for nationwide Registered Agent services because their current provider did not satisfy their business requirements.

If you’re looking for a national Registered Agent company, you’ll quickly discover there are a lot of possibilities. Choosing the best nationwide Registered Agent service is crucial to keeping your company’s entities in good standing in all the states where they are registered to do business.

Because not all Registered Agent services are the same, it’s crucial to do your homework before choosing one. Here are a few things to consider when evaluating nationwide Registered Agent service.

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Can they support your business as it grows?

Smart businesses make their operations as efficient as possible. If you are registered to do business in multiple states, you’ll need a Registered Agent company that can handle multistate filings and manages your Service of Process documents in all 50 states. Having one nationwide Registered Agent service to manage all your entities accomplishes this goal. By using the same Registered Agent company for all your entities, you will receive your important state notices and Service of Process documents from one place. All of your billing will be centralized, and there will be only one Registered Agent contact you need to work with.


Some Registered Agent services, such as Legalinc, can help you simplify your processes even further by providing discounted packaged services, such as automated Annual Report preparation and filings. When you choose a nationwide registered agent service like Legalinc, you have access to a corporate compliance partner who can assist you with far more than just your registered agent needs.

Do they have a robust entity management platform to help you stay on top of regulatory compliance, annual report filings, and other important deadlines?

It’s important to be informed of state filing and compliance obligations across all states you are registered to do business. Noncompliance is not only dangerous, but it can also be catastrophic to your organization. You could be subjected to expensive fines and other consequences. Alternatively, the state may simply decide to dissolve your business administratively.


A good Registered Agent service manages the compliance process nationwide by sending notifications of required filings that are soon due, even before the state sends a notification.

A reputable nationwide Registered Agent company will track your compliance deadlines in all 50 states and send notifications of upcoming due dates to individuals you have designated. Your Registered Agent provider should assist you in managing regulatory compliance by automating manual operations, allowing you to run your business more efficiently, reduce the risk of incomplete forms, and save time.

With Legalinc, businesses can manage and quickly access their entities and required Secretary of State compliance data from a single location. This means employees don’t have to remember multiple passwords to log in and access the information necessary to perform their jobs. It also helps reduce confusion over which system to log into and where to save documents for future reference.

What does the price of their Registered Agent service include?

Many national Registered Agent companies promise volume discounts for multiple states and entities. However, there is usually a lot of fine print that isn’t conveyed to the business, which might drive up your legal costs. Over the years, we have found that many of our competitors frequently charge a lot of unneeded costs for simple services, such as:


1) additional fees for small accommodations to their representation needs, such as Fictitious Business Names (FBNs) and Doing Business As (DBAs)


2) overage fees for Service of Process intake


3) additional fees for compliance monitoring and reminders


4) price increases at the renewal of service


5) change of agent state filing fees if you are switching your Registered Agent provider


In fact, companies that switched to Legalinc saved an average of 40% on their Registered Agent services. Before you choose a national Registered Agent, make sure they aren’t overcharging you by adding fees for simple paperwork accommodations, and that there aren’t any significant price hikes at renewal time.

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What level of service can you expect?

Unfortunately, many companies decide to switch their Nationwide registered agent company because they are dissatisfied with their current services and support. A significant amount of our customer base has developed after companies evaluate their existing service, and realize they are not meeting their business needs. Customer service, types of services offered, service of process handling, and pricing were all important considerations when opting to change registered agents.

A few good questions to ask when evaluating Registered Agent service are:

1) Can they provide fast and responsive service?

2) Do they offer dedicated Account Managers without charging additional fees?


3) How does the change of agent process work?


4) Do they prepare and file the required paperwork at no extra cost?

5) How long does their Change of Agent process take?


6) How will they support your business?


At Legalinc, we firmly believe in putting our customers at the forefront of our business. If you’re thinking about switching registered agent services, make sure you choose a national provider that can scale with your company as it grows, while also delivering excellent customer service and competitive pricing.
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