Why Multistate Businesses Change Their Registered Agent Service

Over the years, we have worked with several multistate companies who wanted to change their registered agent service because they were no longer meeting their business requirements. While not every company is the same, there are a few common reasons multistate businesses change their registered agent service.


From business expansion to merging multiple registered agent services into one, limited services with high price tags, and even mishandling of service of process documents, a substantial amount of our customer base has made the decision to switch because their current provider did not meet their needs.

Your business is expanding, and you now need registered agent services in multiple states and for multiple entities.

If you have a business and are considering expanding outside of the state where you are registered to do business, or if you already have locations in multiple states, you need a registered agent for every state you are registered to do business in as a foreign corporation or LLC.


Maybe you had been designated as your company’s registered agent but given the growth of your business and the added workload this entails, you are no longer able to fulfill the requirement to always be available at the registered agent’s address during business hours.


If your business operates in more than one state, consider hiring a nationwide registered agent service. You can think of it as purchasing registered agent services in bulk – it’s cheaper and more convenient than appointing many agents individually.

multistate registered agent services

Your business is currently using multiple registered agents and you want to streamline processes and consolidate your services to one nationwide provider.

Unfortunately, many businesses decide to change their registered agent provider because they are not happy with their current services. In fact, a sizable portion of our client base has grown because of businesses evaluating their current registered agent provider and registered agent needs and then deciding to switch registered agent providers. Customer service, types of services offered, service of process handling, and cost were all common factors in deciding to change registered agents. 


It is critical to have a Registered Agent provider you can rely on to handle all of your corporate legal needs, such as business formations, registered agent services, annual filings, Secretary of State compliance tasks, and more. At Legalinc, we are big enough to handle your multistate business needs but small enough to treat each customer individually. To ensure you are getting the best value for your registered agent services, find a vendor, like Legalinc, who offers volume discounts for multiple states, entities, or multi-year contracts.  

Multistate registered agent services and corporate compliance

Your current registered agent offers limited or overpriced services.

When your business grows, you may appoint different Registered Agents as you expand into new states. Even though you can choose to have multiple registered agents, using one keeps things more streamlined.


Smart business owners maximize efficiency in their processes. Having one multistate registered agent for your multistate business accomplishes this goal. You will receive all your important state documents and service of process from one place, all your billing will be centralized, and there will be only one registered agent contact you need to work with.


Some Registered Agent services, like Legalinc, can simplify your workload even more by offering bundled services, such as automated annual report filing, at a discounted rate. When you use a nationwide registered agent service, you have a built-in corporate compliance partner who can help you with a lot more than just your registered agent requirements.

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You’re not happy with the way your current provider manages your Service of Process documents.

A mishandling of service of process is an unfortunate reason for businesses to change registered agent services. How your registered agent handles your business’ service of process documents is critical to avoiding unnecessary legal consequences and penalties.


From the initial intake of the Service of Process to storing the documents for future reference, your Registered Agent provider plays a critical role in the processing of these documents and ensuring that they are properly routed to the right people. When choosing a Registered Agent provider, it is important to look at how they manage the Service of Process from beginning to end.

Service of Process Management

Learn more about the important role your Registered Agent serves when it comes to managing your service of process.


If you are considering changing your registered agent service, make sure you find a provider that can manage complex corporate legal filings, while providing exceptional customer support, and fair pricing.


At Legalinc, we know switching to a new registered agent can be difficult. We offer a streamlined process to make it easy and painless for businesses to change their registered agent service. Whether you use the form we provide or provide bills from your current provider, we will handle the paperwork so you can focus on other important business needs.


Legalinc will perform an audit of your entities with the Secretary of State as part of the change of agent process. And, we can help you restore good standing to any entities that have fallen out of compliance during the change of agent process. As an added feature to your registered agent service, Legalinc proactively checks every month that each entity is still in good standing with the state. Our technology is always watching, so you don’t have to.

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