Nevada Certificate Of Tax Filings Scam Alert

Nevada Certificate of Tax Filings Scam Alert

As many of our corporate attorney clients have found, Nevada offers a number of perks for their clients — corporations looking to do business in an increasingly competitive market. Nevada has:

Avoiding The Dreaded Loss Of Compliance

Avoiding the Dreaded Loss of Compliance

When filing a business on behalf of a business, legal counsel is charged with filing the proper formation papers within the home state and any other states in which the company will be registered to do business. When the state formally ‘approves’ a business’s right to operate in the state, the business receives a number of recognized benefits and privileges and is expected to follow countless laws and regulations in order to maintain its good standing. As a legal service professional, your job will include naming a registered agent, making timely filings of required forms, and ensuring timely payment of fees and/or franchise taxes.

Integrating Compliance Into Business Strategy

Integrating Compliance into Business Strategy

The new Administration has left many wondering up from down. Indeed, a number of significant changes to business and regulatory requirements are expected, but the question is: What shape will these changes take?

Automation: Cost Management For Legal Departments

Automation: Cost Management for Legal Departments

With a new Administration comes a host of new developments, changes, and updates to regulatory and compliance matters. Take, for example, President Trump’s recent signing of an executive order to repeal a Dodd-Frank anti-corruption measure requiring oil and mining companies…

Entity Management Services For Multiple Businesses

Entity Management Services for Multiple Businesses

As the legal landscape for American businesses changes under the new administration, business and legal departments of large corporations are increasingly turning to web-based entity management services to stay current with filing requirements. The right entity management service will support…