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Clio Integration

Through our integration with Clio, Legalinc enables you to import your clients’ contact details directly from Clio into your Legalinc Dashboard with just a single click.

From there, each imported company can be separately subscribed to our suite of services such as registered agent service, compliance notifications, foreign qualifications, EIN acquisition, and much more.

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  • Sync Client Data
  • Customize Communication
  • Automate Services

Sync Client Data

All of your client data from your Clio account can be synced directly to your Legalinc Dashboard.

Customize Communication

Set up your brand your way with our comprehensive branding settings, which allow every aspect of the solution to be white-labeled. You can also choose who receives notifications on a client-by-client basis, with choices including you, your client, or both parties.

Automate Services

With just a few clicks, you can decide which companies to subscribe to Legalinc’s automated annual compliance reminders, which to subscribe to our automated registered agent service, or quickly file an annual report on your clients’ behalf.

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