Legalinc’s platform automates compliance management for your clients and notifies them when actions are required on their part. The Dashboard makes reviewing compliance status quick and easy.

With the Dashboard, you can view state or legal correspondence on your client’s behalf, as well as renew and file compliance reports before the time of expiration. Simply select a company from your list and see a dropdown list of all reports and required actions. For each one, you’ll see the due dates and status. No chasing down which companies have filed their reports and which have not responded to the notifications.

Let’s say you’ve configured Legalinc to send compliance notifications directly to your customer. The Dashboard also gives you complete visibility of what action is required. You can also order that annual report for them, direct from your dashboard, with just a few clicks.

You can also hand off follow-ups and other compliance tasks to your paralegal or other staff. Just provide the name and email address of your paralegal, and with two clicks you’ve sent them a secure invitation to access the Dashboard. Now you can grant anyone on your team full access to the Dashboard to reduce emails back and forth.

Try our Dashboard – and our service – for free.

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Have a look around. If you like, use the Dashboard to place an order for one of your clients. We can even adjust your settings to allow your clients to view their own registered agent Dashboard, where they can view their company filings and any official state notifications and compliance alerts that are due.