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Law firms and tax professionals grow their businesses by adding and supporting new clients—each of which is itself one or more legal entities. Legal department of large companies have to manage a growing number of legal entities across many jurisdictions as the enterprise adds and acquires new business units or divisions. Different process, same problem.

Individually and manually managing business formations, registered agent services and compliance tasks for an ever-increasing number of clients is unwieldy and inefficient. In fact, that inability to scale can actually inhibit the very growth you seek.

How do we help these businesses?

Legalinc leverages the power of automation to remove the inefficiencies in providing basic legal services—inefficiencies that can prevent you from scaling your business. And because we believe in flexibility, we’re constantly evolving our practice automation platform to meet you and your clients’ ever-changing needs.

Law Firms


Law firms specializing in general business, transactions and corporate law trust Legalinc to simplify and enhance the legal services they provide their business clients. Our platform automates registered agent services, expedites business formations and simplifies compliance tasks, as well as streamlining transactional business overall. In addition, Legalinc can deliver a suite of customized, automated services for your transactional legal business, and we can help strategize about how best to serve your clients over the long-haul.

Tax Professionals


As a CPA or group of tax professionals, Legalinc’s platform empowers you to broaden your accounting services to include basic legal services. By becoming your client’s legal resource, you can save them money and more fully serve their business needs—while expanding your own service revenues at the same time. Legalinc handles the details and delivery of legal services for your clients automatically, so you don’t have to. You continue doing what you do best: providing the highest quality accounting services to your clients.



No one understand the complexity and sensitivity of managing multiple legal entities in multiple state jurisdictions better than Legalinc. We automate legal services for companies in all 50 states. Laws are always changing, regulations are complex, and every jurisdiction has its own set of forms and rules. Our platform automates administrative functions, expedites compliance processes, monitors deadlines, and delivers and stores legal and business documents, so you don’t have to. The result? You can improve productivity, provide greater value to your customers and grow your enterprise.

How can you benefit from Legal Practice Automation?

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