Legalinc's Entity Management Dashboard Case Study

"Before Legalinc, we had one internal resource completely dedicated to business formations. After factoring in how many states each entity had to be registered in, we knew this solution was unsustainable.”
American Trucking Business Services


American Trucking Business Services is the nation’s largest provider of business services for transportation industry owner/operators. Founded in 1998, they have been providing truck drivers with consulting, tax, and accounting services for over two decades. With the goal of streamlining the way their owner/operators form businesses in each state and reducing the amount of in-house labor this required, they turned to Legalinc.

Entity Management Dashboard
Entity Management Dashboard

The Problem

Despite having an accounting division that includes over 100 accountants, finding someone at ATBS to dedicate to the tedious and paperwork-centric task of state-by-state business formations proved to be difficult. Not wanting to spend an accountant or attorney’s time handling what amounts to administrative tasks, the individual handling business formations didn’t have qualifications that align with the tasks and was often overworked. This approach wasn’t sustainable operationally or financially.

The Solution

ATBS first began working with Legalinc to solve their business formations dilemma in 2016. The problem ATBS had to solve was not a unique one, as accounting firms and legal practices across the country are bogged down with the cumbersome process of handling business formations. However, Legalinc’s Dashboard reduces this process down to a few simple clicks.

The Legalinc Dashboard provides quick business formations in every jurisdiction of the United States, which is of particular importance to a company like ATBS whose clients do business quite literally all across the country. In less than 5 minutes, ATBS can take their clients from entity selection to review & checkout with progress updates that follow until formal documents arrive in the mail.

Additionally, the Legalinc Customer Success team has been made available to ATBS to answer any & all questions that may arise during the formation process.

ATBS wasn’t just looking for a solution to initial business formations, they also needed a solution that would allow them to digitally keep track of all necessary paperwork, account numbers, and more that their clients rely on them to manage. The Legalinc Dashboard was able to help with that too. In fact, its robust & secure document management solution is built with those exact needs in mind. Through the Dashboard, ATBS has access to every single piece of their clients’ paperwork in seconds. There is no cap on storage space, which provides additional peace of mind.

The Results

Since going live with the Legalinc Dashboard in the Fall of 2016, ATBS has successfully formed over 250 businesses. More than that, they’ve freed up a tremendous amount of time & resources previously dedicated to business formations that are now focused on their core business. They now have a more scalable service offering, are better serving their clients, and have easy access to the necessary documents that keep their business moving forward. All of this was made possible by the Legalinc Dashboard.

Legalinc Entity Management Dashboard
"Legalinc helps ensure our accountants’ and attorneys’ time is well spent. On top of that, we no longer lose sleep over whether or not a new business was formed correctly in each state.”
American Trucking Business Services

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