Our automation makes your service delivery fast and efficient.
Our Dashboard makes it simple and powerful.

What good is a powerful service automation engine without a simple, elegant user interface to
let you see, change and control those automated services?

The Legalinc Dashboard lets you access all your clients’ companies, entities and services, together with their documents, compliance deadlines and important notifications. All in a single, easy-to-navigate and easy-to-use interface.

Manage your companies with convenience and minimal effort



All your companies, in one place.

Forget separate logins to multiple backend providers for each client and each service. With a single Legalinc login, the Dashboard provides a list of all your client companies and their services. Just click one and go.



Add new services, with just a few clicks.

Need to add new services for a company? No need to re-enter all that info again, from scratch. With just a few clicks, you can order a foreign qualification, add registered agent service, manage compliance and more.



It’s compliance, made simple.

View state and legal correspondence, renew services and file compliance reports before the expiration dates. Simply select a company to view upcoming events and due dates. And following up on required actions is simple—of course.



Store unlimited client documents, in one place.

Forget hunting through file drawers, emails and a dozen other computer applications to find your clients’ legal documents. Upload all your documents right to your own Dashboard, and make it easier for your staff to find and access them.

Entity Management


Beyond automation, it’s complete entity management.

Combine the power of practice automation with the simplicity of the Legalinc Dashboard and you get a complete entity management system. Explore just a few of the capabilities provided by the Dashboard.

Get your Dashboard – and our service – for free.

Have a look around. If you like, use the Dashboard to place an order for one of your clients. You can even provide your client a login to the dashboard, where they can view their services.