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Nevada Certificate of Tax Filings Scam Alert

As many of our corporate attorney clients have found, Nevada offers a number of perks for their clients — corporations looking to do business in an increasingly competitive market. Nevada has:

Nevada Certificate of Tax Filings Scam

  • An abundance of economical commercial real estate
  • Competitive utility rates for commercial operations
  • Low-cost startup, regulatory, licensing and annual fees
  • Proximity to west coast/California markets and businesses, reducing shipping and storage costs
  • Excellent air cargo costs for shipping by air out of Nevada
  • Excellent tax advantages:
    • No personal income tax
    • No corporate income tax
    • No unitary tax
    • No franchise tax

As more and more businesses look to incorporate there, scammers have taken note.

In fact, the Nevada Secretary of State recently posted a scam alert pertaining to fraudulent “Certificate of Tax Payment” for tax fees paid to receive winnings.  The Certificate appears to be sent from the Secretary’s office and has the forged signature of a previous Secretary of State. Complete details about the fake Certificate along with the Instructions for reporting receipt of the scam can be found on the Secretary’s website here.