Registered Agent

Legalinc’s registered agent platform helps your clients
minimize compliance risks through smart, efficient automation.

A Registered Agent (RA) provides a physical address that is open Monday through Friday during normal business hours. An RA receives and signs any Service of Process (SOP) on behalf of the company being served, as well as other official notifications, then notifies the company of their receipt.

Nearly every state in the United States requires corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs) and other business entity types to designate a registered agent within the jurisdiction where the company operates. Each state, of course, has different laws, taxation schedules, filing requirements and compliance deadlines.

An RA keeps track of all these details and lets you know what action is required—and by when—for you to stay in compliance.

With Legalinc, your clients can get
automated, all-digital registered agent service
in any state in the U.S.

  • Automated registered agent service

    Legalinc’s platform automates the registered agent service experience. It keeps track of SOPs, notifications and compliance deadlines, and automatically and immediately alerts interested parties, both electronically and by mail. You and your clients can focus your energies on business objectives, instead of watching the calendar.

  • Full coverage across all U.S. jurisdictions

    Your clients can obtain a registered agent in any state in the U.S. and add RA service in new states at any time as their business grows. Just login to your Dashboard, and with just few clicks, you’re done.

  • Full visibility for you and your clients

    Legalinc’s platform gives both you and your clients a complete picture of the health of all their registered entities and across every jurisdiction, right in your Dashboard.

  • Document management

    Legalinc digitizes and stores an unlimited number of documents and notifications for all your clients in a secure, scalable platform. And the Dashboard lets you upload your clients’ other legal documents, putting them all at you and your staff’s fingertips.

Bulk RA

Represent multiple entities?


Our Bulk Change of Agent Service may be what you need.
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