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3 Benefits Of An Automated Registered Agent Platform

3 Benefits of an Automated Registered Agent Platform

Many of our corporate law and in-house counsel clients are responsible for setting up business entities. With each new corporation or LLC comes the need for a local registered agent. The attorney must communicate regularly and often with the registered agent to ensure timely receipt of important tax documents, service of process, etc… This is where a national registered agent service can help attorneys help their clients minimize compliance risks as they pertain to potential litigation through smart, efficient automation.

The role of the registered agent managing service of process is to act as a crossing guard, ensuring that everything gets where it needs to go and on time, without hiccups and with certainty. At Legalinc., we have discovered three main factors driving a company’s decision to implement an automated solution for their service of process documents.

Nevada Certificate Of Tax Filings Scam Alert

Nevada Certificate of Tax Filings Scam Alert

As many of our corporate attorney clients have found, Nevada offers a number of perks for their clients — corporations looking to do business in an increasingly competitive market. Nevada has:

Avoiding The Dreaded Loss Of Compliance

Avoiding the Dreaded Loss of Compliance

When filing a business on behalf of a business, legal counsel is charged with filing the proper formation papers within the home state and any other states in which the company will be registered to do business. When the state…

Corporate Spin-Offs: Automating The Details

Corporate Spin-Offs: Automating the Details

A corporate spinoff is the creation of an independent company through the sale or distribution of new shares of an existing business or division of a parent company. There are a handful of reasons that a company may consider a…