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Entity Management Services For Multiple Businesses

Entity Management Services for Multiple Businesses

As the legal landscape for American businesses changes under the new administration, business and legal departments of large corporations are increasingly turning to web-based entity management services to stay current with filing requirements. The right entity management service will support…

Failing To Designate A Registered Agent

Failing to Designate a Registered Agent

U.S. law requires that an LLC or corporation must have a Registered Agent available during normal business hours to receive certain document, including legal notices, correspondence from the federal and state government, and tax documents from the IRS. Indeed, the state will not approve a business’s Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization if the business does not designate a Registered Agent. Failure to maintain a Registered Agent is equally as risky.

Advantages Of A Third Party Registered Agent

Advantages of a Third Party Registered Agent

The advantages of a third party Registered Agent are numerous and, for businesses that do not have a physical location in the state in which the business is registered in (i.e., a California business incorporated in Delaware), required by law.