Data Security At Legalinc

We're Passionate About Protecting The Security & Integrity Of Your Data.

We are committed to the highest standards of confidentiality, data integrity, and information security. At Legalinc, we believe in protecting your business information and that of your clients as if it were our own. This dedication informs every aspect of our decision-making, including our product development philosophy, information security policies & practices, and approach to complying with state and federal laws & regulations.

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How Legalinc Protects You

When it comes to security, Legalinc has you covered. We adhere to the highest level best practices regarding data security and integrity.

All applications are built with 12-Factor Application Principles.
All services are hosted on highly-available redundant servers offering 99.95% uptime.
All data is encrypted at rest & in transit with regular security scans & constant monitoring utilizing the best security tools available.
We only use PCI and HIPAA-compliant vendors.
Data is backed up to cloud storage & off-cloud backups following the 3-2-1 principle.
Only select staff have access to data & data systems and must go through an ITIL change management process.

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