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Managing your service of process (SOP) documents has never been easier. Our powerful tools help you handle them efficiently and properly.

Everything You Need to Manage Your SOPs

Registered Agent Service of Process Management

Centralized View of All SOPs

Manage and report on all your SOPs from one consolidated dashboard – even upload pre-existing SOPs into the system for complete visibility and accurate reporting.

Sort, Search & Filter

Quickly sort by SOP status to find the ones that require your attention. Select and view SOPs by a company served, state, date, status, and more. Export filtered data to CSV for external reporting needs.

Custom Notification Settings

Assign the right team members to handle various SOPs by matter type. Specify which team members should be notified by email when new SOPs are received.

User Access Controls

Restrict access to sensitive types of SOPs by controlling who can view, handle, and edit SOPs by matter type. Track acknowledgment status and activity history.

Service of Process Management Center Benefits

Greater Workflow Efficiency

Remove manual work by digitally receiving SOPs that have already been classified, ensuring important matters can be handled quickly.

Increased Visibility & Customizable Reporting

Search, sort, and filter for any SOP, even combining filters for more granularity. Easily create CSV downloads for any filtered view to get the data you need, when you need it.

Improved Team Collaboration

See who is assigned, view status, leave comments, preview the physical document, and review any notes or activity – all from inside the platform.

Enhanced Security

Maintain privacy by making sure only the right people can access your sensitive SOPs while tracking activity with a full audit trail.

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