Legalinc’s platform facilitates fast, affordable formations of
LLCs, corporations, nonprofits and more in every jurisdiction.

Forming a new business entity—a corporation, sole proprietorship, LLC, partnership, nonprofit or DBA—determines how your new business will operate: how you make decisions, file taxes and compliance documents, choose liability insurance and many other details.

Each type of entity has different requirements for formation, plus those requirements vary from one state to the next. As a result, getting this crucial first step done correctly can be complex and confusing, not to mention time-consuming. And if you’re a law firm, CPA or large enterprise, manually keeping track of tens or even hundreds of formations each month can be… well, tedious is putting it mildly.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Legalinc’s platform provide fast, affordable formations of all types, in all 50 states, and in just five minutes. And, because it’s automated and all-digital, we also keep track of all the notifications and formation documents for each of your clients, so you don’t have to.

With Legalinc, your clients can get
fast formations for any business type,
in any state in the U.S.

  • Compliance Calendar

    What good is a scattered pile of notices from various state agencies, telling you this quarterly report or that annual filing are due, if you don’t record, file or remember them? Our compliance calendar organizes all your clients’ events of interest digitally in one unified place—your Legalinc Dashboard. At a quick glance, your clients can always be on top of their unique compliance requirements and dates.

  • Alert Service

    Legalinc’s customizable alert service puts your clients in full control when it comes to effectively communicating with the secretary of state’s office. Legalinc lets you configure the client contacts to which notifications of upcoming compliance events will be sent. Or, if you prefer, you can have the emails and dashboard alerts sent to you as the service provider, so you can deliver them personally.

  • Annual Reports & Required Filings

    If you miss notifications about your annual tax, franchise or other mandatory filings, you’ll likely you miss doing the actual filings, too. Legalinc’s automated compliance and registered agent services will send those official state notifications to you, not to mention maintaining those all-important filing dates. Then we’ll remind you and your clients—via automated emails and Dashboard alerts—to help ensure your clients never miss an annual report or a mandatory filing.

  • State Requirements

    Are you aware how the latest changes in sales tax, compliance and other state laws can alter the reporting, filing and other actions required to keep you in good standing? Legalinc’s automated compliance and registered agent services ensure that changes in state law do not catch you or your clients off guard.

Ready to experience Legalinc’s automated,
five-minute business formations-
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