Entity Management

Legalinc automates state-required administrative responsibilities,
so your clients always remain in good standing.

Maintaining a company’s good standing with the state often involves a lot of necessary but tedious administrative tasks. It also requires the ability to comprehensively manage each entity, end-to-end, from a legal standpoint. Otherwise, how can you have a clear picture of your company’s legal health, much less know what to do when it’s not healthy?

With Legalinc’s practice automation platform, you get the clear picture you need. We’ll help you monitor and manage any risks to your company’s good standing, with automated formations, registered agent and compliance services, all powered by a secure, easy-to-use software program and Dashboard. All so you can concentrate on your company’s real mission.

With Legalinc, your clients get automated, state-required
administrative services to help maintain their good standing.

  • Automated Updates

    The Legalinc platform automatically sends updates to the appropriate parties—usually the secretary of state—anytime there is a relevant change to a business entity. And, because it’s a two-way street, we can notify you when the state makes changes to various laws that affect how you manage your filings.

  • Alert Service

    Legalinc’s alert services can be customized for your client. You can receive email notifications on your client’s behalf, configure the client to receive them, or both. And you can provide each client their own Dashboard view, so they can see their own notifications, compliance event dates and documents. That means they’ll never miss a relevant alert or a due date.

  • Entity Management Dashboard

    Legalinc’s platform gives both you and your clients a complete picture of the health of all their registered entities and across every jurisdiction, right in your Dashboard. You can order any of our automated services— business formations, all-digital registered agent service, compliance service and more—all from the Dashboard. That means you and your clients get more than just a clear, intuitive picture of the current status of all of their registered entities. You get the integrated tools to manage them, too.

  • Data Based Approach

    Legalinc’s practice automation suite is platform agnostic, making data analysis easy across all leading data formats.

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