Annual Report Management System

Nearly every U.S. state requires that an entity submit this report in each individual jurisdiction where it does business.

On top of that, each state has unique filing fees & deadlines specific to entities that operate within their borders. For legal firms and enterprises that operate across numerous states, this process is time-consuming and error-prone.

Legalinc Quickly & Accurately Automates Annual Report Filings For All Entities In All U.S. Jurisdictions.

Legalinc automates the entire annual reporting process, so you and/or your clients get the guarantee and peace of mind that all Annual Reports will be delivered accurately & on time. Through the Legalinc Dashboard, in just a few clicks you can produce an Annual Report for any entity you manage in any state in the U.S.

“In our 65-year history, Legalinc is the first third-party vendor our practice has partnered with. They quickly proved to us that it was the right decision.”

- Prevost, Shaff, Mason, & Carns

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