Corporate Entity Compliance Monitoring

Ensure your business is always in Good Standing with the state. Legalinc's compliance monitoring technology runs automatic monthly compliance checks and immediately notifies you of any issues. Our feature-rich platform tracks regulatory filing deadlines in all 50 states and notifies you of upcoming due dates.

Corporate Compliance Monitoring Features & Benefits

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End-to-End Entity Compliance

Our comprehensive Entity Management platform gives you end-to-end visibility over your corporate compliance status.

Increased Entity Compliance Visibility

Manage and monitor multiple business entities and/or state filings from our easy-to-use dashboard.

Entity Compliance Repair & Restoration

Legalinc offers compliance repair services to business entities who have lost their status of Good Standing with the state. 

Compliance Deadline & Renewal Alerts

Our feature-rich technology automatically alerts you of upcoming deadlines and renewals.

White-Labeled Services

Whether you want to white-label client communications, or sell Legalinc’s products under your brand, Legalinc has you covered.

World-Class Support

Our team of experts manage the entire Entity Management process, completing all the necessary paperwork along the way.

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Ensure You Business Entity Remains in Good Standing

Legalinc automates Corporate Entity Compliance across all 50 states and D.C. Through our Dashboard, reviewing compliance status is easy, taking only seconds to execute, with state and federal correspondence at your fingertips. In just a few clicks, you can renew and file compliance reports before the time of expiration, no matter how many businesses or entities you manage, from a single interface with a single login. And, with Legalinc’s compliance monitoring service, you will never miss another filing deadline.

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