Compliance Monitoring

Managing entity compliance across multiple states is a time consuming & laborious task that rarely enhances a company’s bottom line. Whether you’re a legal firm or an enterprise with business locations across the country, it’s time to embrace a more efficient and more accurate solution to compliance monitoring.

Legalinc automates compliance management across all 50 states, automatically notifying the necessary parties when action is required. Through our Dashboard, reviewing compliance status is easy, taking only seconds to execute, with state & federal correspondence at your fingertips.

In just a few clicks, you can renew & file compliance reports before the time of expiration, no matter how many businesses or entities you manage, from a single interface with a single login.

Legalinc Automates Compliance Management, Streamlining Processes & Mitigating Risk.

Additionally, our compliance monitoring platform allows you to hand off follow-ups & other compliance tasks to team members to whom you’ve given Dashboard access. This reduces overall back & forth, freeing up time & resources to focus on executing projects that help your business continue to grow.

"As a company doing business nationally, we need reliable and efficient corporate compliance. Legalinc provides quick, simple and accurate services that are easy to manage from anywhere."

- General Counsel, ePlata

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