Corporate Filings

For legal firms and enterprises alike, corporate filings of all types are manual, error-prone processes that contribute little to the bottom-line.

Dedicating a legal professional’s time to filings isn’t productive, but handing off the task to an inexperienced party can result in costly errors. Legalinc automates the entirety of the filing process to restore efficiency and accuracy to your legal practice or legal department.

Automated Corporate Filings For All Entity Types Across All 50 States.

Through your Dashboard with a single login, you can file dissolutions, amendments, mergers, reinstatements, and many more filing types in just a few clicks for any entity you manage. More than that, all correspondence with the state or federal agencies are catalogued within the platform with alerts being delivered to you, your clients, or both. By taking the paperwork and data entry out of this process, your team will be free to dedicate time to revenue-driving projects and delivering an elevated customer experience.

“Our practice takes pride in having a hands-on approach with clients, but after years of handling corporate filings manually, it was time to make a change. Legalinc makes it possible for our firm to provide top-tier client services.”

- Prevost, Shaff, Mason, & Carns

Additional Products/Services

  • Dissolutions
  • Amendments
  • Mergers
  • Reinstatements
  • Fictitious Business Names/DBAs
  • EIN Obtainment


Terminating an entity isn’t a quick or easy process, but with Legalinc’s Dashboard and internal team of Customer Success specialists on your side, your only responsibility is entering a few pieces of information.


Our Corporate Filings Platform makes it easy to prepare & file articles of amendment for any entity you manage in any jurisdiction across the United States.


The process it takes to execute a merger varies from entity type to entity type, but through Legalinc’s Dashboard, filing the necessary documentation only takes a few clicks. From there, you’ll be notified of your merger’s progress in real time.


When your entity has been administratively dissolved or revoked, it takes a formal reinstatement to restore its status with the state in which it does business. It’s critical that these be filed promptly & accurately, which Legalinc’s automated platform guarantees.

Fictitious Business Names/DBAs

Government bodies at all levels require companies to register any alternative or fictitious names they plan to do business under. No matter what type of entity your business is, Legalinc can help you register a DBA in any U.S. state and jurisdiction.

EIN Obtainment

An EIN, or Employee Identification Number, is required by the IRS to identify a business entity for tax purposes. Every business must have an EIN but applying for & obtaining one can be difficult. Legalinc automates this entire process, assuring accuracy across the board.

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