Corporate Kits, Supplies, & Operating Agreements

Legalinc makes it easy for you to order Corporate Kits and Supplies from our easy-to-use dashboard. Our corporate kits and supplies are made from premium materials, and include everything you need to make your business official.

  • Corporate Kits
  • Corporate Seals
  • Membership & Stock Certificates
  • Operating Agreement and Banking Resolution
  • Minutes & Bylaws
Corporate Entity Document Retrieval from Secretary of State

Corporate Supplies Products

Corporate Kits

Corporate Kits

We’ve made it easy for you to store all of your company's documents high quality two toned textured vinyl binder. The three-ring mechanisms with double opening and closing boosters allow pages to lie flat and turn easily. Each kit comes with 20 certificates and forms customized with your company's information.

Membership Certificates

Membership Certificates

Use these Membership Certificates to specify member ownership of the LLC. A Membership Certificate is the physical piece of paper representing ownership in a LLC. Membership Certificates will include information such as the number of shares owned, the date, an identification number and Company Name.

Entity Management

Corporate Seals

Leave a lasting impression with a custom Company Seal! A corporate seal is the professional and official mark or signature of a corporation, and signifies that the document on which it is affixed is a formal, legally binding corporate act.

Stock Certificate

Stock Certificates

Use these Stock Certificates to specify shareholder’s ownership of stock. Stock certificates will include information such as the number of shares owned, the date, an identification number and Company Name.

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