Document Retrieval

When it comes to ongoing entity management and compliance, accurate & efficient automated document filing is only half the battle.

Legalinc’s automated Dashboard provides comprehensive document retrieval services for virtually all document types across all U.S. states and jurisdictions. In just a few clicks, you can successfully order document retrieval services for any entity you manage, with one single login.

Ensuring Official Documentation Is Just A Few Clicks Away Across Every U.S. Jurisdiction.

After placing a document retrieval order, you and/or your client will receive automated progress updates until your official documentation arrives. Digital copies of all documentation are saved and easily accessible with the Legalinc Dashboard, which offers unlimited document storage and exceeds the loftiest digital security best practices.

“Our practice takes pride in having a hands-on approach with clients, but after years of handling corporate filings manually, it was time to make a change. Legalinc makes it possible for our firm to provide top-tier client services.”

- Prevost, Shaff, Mason, & Carns

Additional Products/Services

  • Certificates of Good Standing
  • Apostilles
  • Formation Documentation
  • Certified Copies

Certificates of Good Standing

One of the most common documents our platform retrieves for customers is Certificates of Good Standing. Whether required by a bank or by a state to establish foreign qualification, Legalinc’s platform will order it accurately & deliver it promptly.


Legalinc’s automated Document Retrieval platform can order apostilles for any entity you manage across all U.S. jurisdictions as validation of your U.S. corporate documents.

Formation Documentation

No matter what entity type you formed, from LLCs and Corporations to Non-Profits, Legalinc can order your documentation from whatever state you filed in. These documents are securely stored in your Legalinc Dashboard for future use.

Certified Copies

For any type of documentation you need retrieved, through Legalinc you can also order certified copies from any state’s Secretary of State. These are delivered in the form of a rubber stamp or a certificate page stating that the documents are true, complete, and correct.

Embrace the Power of Automation.

Embrace the Power of Automation.

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