DOT Filings

The process for transportation professionals to establish themselves as a business with the government is very similar to that of any other entity, but the formation process requires a unique set of filings.

Legalinc’s Corporate Filings Platform now allows individuals to file with the Department of Transportation, automating the filing of the MCS 150 form, which registers your vehicle with the Federal Motor Safety Administration. This filing is critical, as it results in owner/operators being provided with their MC Number, allowing them to work on an interstate level.

By partnering with Legalinc to establish your status as an official business, you can trust that the filing will be done quickly and accurately, freeing up your time and giving you the peace of mind necessary to continue growing your business.

Automation That Empowers Transportation Professionals To Become Business Owners.

Additionally, through Legalinc’s Registered Agent platform, you can purchase BO3 process agent services. Just like a traditional registered agent, transportation businesses need a BO3 process agent to act as a virtual office, receiving & processing all correspondence with state officials. Through Legalinc’s automated DOT services, you will receive your UCR Number, which is required by states in order to operate your truck.

“In our 65-year history, Legalinc is the first third-party vendor our practice has partnered with. They quickly proved to us that it was the right decision.”

- Prevost, Shaff, Mason, & Carns

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