Entity Management

The task of maintaining good standing for a single entity in a single state can be tedious. When you’re managing dozens of entities that each do business in multiple states with unique deadlines, your responsibilities grow exponentially. Without having a clear, reliable picture of each unique company’s legal health, this task is nearly impossible.

Through Legalinc’s entity management platform within the Dashboard solution, you get the clear picture you need. With a single login, you can manage every single entity you’re responsible for, regardless of how many there are or what state they do business in. This solution helps legal practices and departments monitor & manage risks to a company’s good standing, while also providing automated updates & alerts, business licensing services, and comprehensive document management.

Automated End-To-End Entity Management Ensuring Good Standing Across All U.S. States.

Legalinc's Dashboard gives both you and your clients a complete picture of the health of all registered entities managed across every jurisdiction, with a single login. You can order any of Legalinc's automated services, like business formations, all-digital registered agent services, compliance services and more, all from Dashboard.

That means you and your clients get more than just a clear, intuitive picture of the current status of all of your registered entities. You get the integrated tools to manage them, too.

"Legalinc makes it possible for our firm to provide top-tier client services.”

- Prevost, Shaff, Mason, & Carns


  • Automated Updates & Alerts
  • Business Licensing
  • Multi-Entity Management
  • Comprehensive Document Management

Automated Updates & Alerts

Updates are automatically sent to the appropriate parties, usually the secretary of state, anytime there is a relevant change to a business entity. Additionally, you and your clients will receive automated alerts any time pertinent dates approach or compliance is in jeopardy.

Business Licensing

From the entity management portion of Dashboard, you can manage the entire lifecycle of all your business licenses. This saves filing & tracking time, keeps you and your clients abreast of relevant licensure alerts, and reduces research time and risks associated with business license filing.

Multi-Entity Management

No matter how many entities you manage across all U.S. jurisdictions, you can manage them all with a single Dashboard login. From there, you will receive notifications of any alerts or upcoming filing dates and can make changes to multiple entities at once.

Comprehensive Document Management

Legalinc digitizes & stores an unlimited number of documents & notifications for all your entities, accessible at your team’s fingertips. It’s stored in a secure, scalable platform protected that exceeds the most strict security best practices.

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