License Research, License Filings, & License Assessment Services

Legalinc partners with the leading licensing and registration providers in the nation to help businesses streamline their license compliance process. Through our strategic partnerships, Legalinc offers a full suite of license compliance services, including:

Entity Management & Corporate Governance Techcnology and Software

Licensing & Registration Services

UCC Search & Filings

License Research

We will navigate the complicated and ever-changing regulatory requirements for you. When our technology is combined with the business license leader we are able to provide a comprehensive list of additional requirements which includes, applications, instructions, filing nuances, and fees for you, resulting in a research report customized to your business.

Document Retrieval

License Filings

Simplified license filing is here! Our partners file thousands of business licenses a month on behalf of our clients. They accurately prepare and submit those application forms to the licensing authorities and proactively communicate with the licensing authorities to ensure faster results.

Corporate Compliance Monitoring

License Assessment

Maintaining full license compliance in all jurisdictions often requires a deep dive into the details. Our partners will provide your company with a comprehensive license assessment, including a full audit of your current license portfolio. They research all required federal, state, county, and municipal licenses relevant to your business; identify any gaps or areas of over licensure; and create an optimized roadmap to full compliance.

Entity Management

License Verification

Operating your business without proper licensure can be damaging to your reputation and your bottom line! Our partners verify the status of your current licenses, confirming that they are active and in good standing. Their license verification service also ensures continued compliance by identifying and confirming accurate renewal dates.

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