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Legalinc’s registered agent platform allows businesses to minimize compliance risks through smart, efficient automation.

Whether you’re a business law firm or an enterprise with numerous businesses across multiple states, Legalinc’s automated registered agent services can empower you with the peace of mind that no matter what state your new entity is in, our platform has you covered.

Nearly every state in the U.S. requires all entity types to designate a registered agent, or RA, within the jurisdiction where the company operates. An RA provides a physical address that is open Monday through Friday during normal business hours. They receive & sign any Service of Process (SOP) on behalf of the company being served, as well as other official notifications, then notify the company of the receipt.

Legalinc Offers The Only Automated, All-Digital Registered Agent Service Available Today.

In addition to fully automating and digitizing the core registered agent experience, Legalinc’s RA capabilities extend to independent director services and specialty representation services. Independent directors are typically required for a single-purpose entity during large transactions, while specialty representation is required by statutes at the federal and state level depending on the industry an entity is in.

Whether you or your clients require an independent director for an SPE or specialty representation as required by a specific statute, Legalinc can provide these services with a guarantee of quality.

"The level of customer service we have enjoyed from Legalinc while registering our company in all 50 states has been amazing."

- General Counsel, ePlata


  • Automated Registered Agent Service
  • Full Coverage Across All U.S. Jurisdictions
  • Full Visibility For You And Your Clients
  • Comprehensive Document Management

Automated Registered Agent Service

Our platform automates the entire registered agent experience. It keeps track of SOPs, notifications, and compliance deadlines, automatically & immediately alerting interested parties both electronically and by traditional mail.

Full Coverage Across All U.S. Jurisdictions

Utilizing Legalinc’s Dashboard, you or your clients can obtain a registered agent in any state in the U.S. and add RA service in new states at any time as the business grows. With just a few clicks, you’re done.

Full Visibility For You And Your Clients

Our registered agent platform delivers you and/or your clients a complete picture of the health of all registered entities across every jurisdiction in the United States, right from your Dashboard interface.

Comprehensive Document Management

Legalinc digitizes & stores an unlimited number of documents & notifications for all your entities, accessible at your team’s fingertips. They are stored in a secure, scalable platform with protection that exceeds the strictest security best practices.

Embrace the Power of Automation.

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