Registered Agent Services

Whether you're a General Counsel for a large enterprise company with numerous businesses entities across multiple states, or a law firm offering entity management services to your clients, Legalinc’s automated registered agent platform has you covered.

  • Registered Agent services in all 50 states + D.C.
  • Service of Process acceptance
  • Automated alerts to you and/or your client
  • Unlimited document storage.
  • Monthly Secretary of State compliance checks

Registered Agent Features & Benefits

Registered Agents Nationwide

Legalinc’s automated platform allows you to quickly order RA services for multiple entities across multiple states.

Bulk Change of Agent Services

Our powerful platform allows you to file a Change of Agent in multiple states and/or for multiple entities in just a few clicks.

Director & Specialty Representation

Whether you require an independent director for an SPE or specialty representation, Legalinc has you covered.

Service of Process

Our Registered Agent services include SOP acceptance, automated alerts, and upcoming deadline reminders. 

Document Management

With Legalinc’s secure document management system you can easily store an unlimited number of documents.

Compliance Monitoring

Legalinc offers monthly business compliance checks to ensure your business is always in Good Standing with the state.

Do You Manage Multiple State Filings or Entities?

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Nationwide All-Digital Registered Agent Services

Legalinc's feature-rich Registered Agent platform minimizes compliance risks by giving you and your clients complete visibility into the overall health of your business entities. We offer Registered Agent services in every state, and are always open during normal business hours to receive your Service of Process documents. Our expert staff will immediately notify you and/or your client of important information, and will upload state documents in our secure,cloud-based storage system.

Registered Agent Services

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