Integrated Automation


You don’t have to use a Legalinc product like Dashboard or Linc to transform your practice or legal department with formation, filing, & entity management automation.

Through our API, we can completely automate mundane legal tasks that have for decades required manual data entry and physical document management.

Developer Documentation

A Seamless Integration That Allows You To Streamline Services & Eliminate Manual Entry.

Not only does the Legalinc API offer efficiency & scalability, it’s also more accurate. By automating cumbersome services you don’t get paid to process, you can focus your time & energy on growing your bottom line, introducing new revenue streams, and delivering a superior experience to every one of your clients.


  • Order & Document Management
  • Reliable Security
  • Manage Information
  • Dashboard Backup

Order & Document Management

Through the Legalinc API, you can submit orders, upload documents, and get notifications of changes automatically.

Reliable Security

A legal technology solution is only as good as it’s security parameters. If you can’t trust that your & your clients’ information is secure, you can’t trust the software. Our API is secure using OAuth 2.0 protocol, which adheres to the highest level of software security requirements.

Manage Information

Within the Legalinc API, you can enter, update, and delete information as you see fit. This solution is meant to streamline your processes and allow you to deliver a higher level of service to your clients, so it’s important to us that API customers have complete control over their orders.

Dashboard Backup

If at any point the API isn’t functioning correctly, your business won’t be affected at all. Every Legalinc API customer also has access to the exact same information through our Dashboard product 24/7.

Embrace The Power Of Legal Services Automation.

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