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Legalinc’s automation capabilities can make your legal services delivery faster & more efficient than you thought possible, and Dashboard makes the experience as simple as it is powerful.

With a single login, you can use this elegant interface to order services, manage entities, and ensure compliance across all 50 states in just a few clicks. After all, what good is comprehensive automation if you can’t leverage it with ease?

An Intuitive User Interface Supported By Our Powerful Service Automation Engine.

If you’re a legal firm, Dashboard will allow you to expedite unbillable tasks so you can increase the quality of service you deliver your clients while taking on more new clients than previously possible. If you’re a business managing entities across the country, your Dashboard will empower your team so you can reassign internal resources to projects and tasks that drive new revenue, instead of wasting them on administrative duties. No matter what, Dashboard is here to save time, increase visibility, and drive revenue.


  • All Your Companies In One Place
  • Add New Services With Ease
  • Compliance Made Simple
  • Automated Entity Management
  • Unlimited Client Document Storage

All Your Companies In One Place

Using a single Legalinc login, Dashboard provides a complete list of all the companies you manage, across all states & jurisdictions in the U.S. No matter what service you need to order for what company, it’s all accessible in one place.

Add New Services With Ease

With all of your companies managed in one place, Dashboard eliminates the need to reenter company info when you add a new service. With just a few clicks, you can order filings, add registered agent services, manage compliance, and more.

Compliance Made Simple

When managing companies across many states, managing compliance can be one of the most challenging tasks. Dashboard allows you to view state & legal correspondence, set automated alerts, and file compliance reports with ease.

Automated Entity Management

Combine the power of automation with the simplicity of Dashboard and you get a full-service entity management system. Set automated alerts and get a complete view of your registered entities’ health in the same place that you order services.

Unlimited Client Document Storage

An innovative, forward-thinking practice or legal department needs a single source of truth when it comes to client documents. Instead of hunting through file drawers, emails, and applications make Dashboard your new documentation hub.

Embrace the Power of Automation.

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