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What if your clients, or even potential clients, could order business formations and other filing types directly from your firm’s website without your team having to lift a finger?  That’s exactly what Legalinc offers through Linc, a white-labeled portal that allows your clients to purchase automated services directly from you, without your team having to do a thing. That way, you can focus solely on the services that create the largest margin. Legalinc executes the work. You just set the prices and collect the revenue.

White-Labeled Entity Management Services

Like most innovative practices, you’ve considered outsourcing filings and other low-margin services before, but the fear of the outsourced firm cannibalizing your business has stopped you from pulling the trigger. Linc turns this business model on its head, giving our clients complete control over the presentation & provision of our automated services. From branding and color choice down to prices and actual messaging within the portal, Linc is truly an extension of your brand with Legalinc’s proven automated services driving revenue for you.

Pick Your Pricing

You know your clients and your business better than we do. Linc gives you the flexibility to set rates however you like, allowing legal practices the same control over their margins they have across all services.

Custom Branding

The brand equity you’ve created over the years shouldn’t take a backseat to a new tool. Linc helps you enhance your brand by allowing you to customize everything from how products are presented to every aspect of messaging.

Custom URL Address

Linc provides a unique URL specific to your business. Rest assured, our transactions are secure, using SSL technology that meets the highest privacy & data integrity standards.

White-Labeled Communications

Legalinc allows you to white-label client communications. Our expert staff will work with you to setup custom reminder templates, order confirmations, important alert notifications, and more.

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About Legalinc

Legalinc was founded by legal industry veterans, technologists, and client experience experts who knew there was a smarter way to deliver legal services. We empower legal teams to grow, scale, and adapt through the automation of the mundane services that hold them back. Through cloud-based automation technology, we’re creating more hours in the day that legal teams can use to focus on growth.